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The person doing our books before me was paying sales tax online, then entering a check in QB for the quicmbooks paid and didn’t use the QB “pay sales tax” function. Is there a way to correct this, so I can pay sales tax through QB for all future sales tax payments?

Welcome to the Resktop. It would be my pleasure to lend a hand with your concern about the sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop. Using the Write Checks or Pay Bills feature to pay your sales tax will lead to errors in your bookkeeping /5041.txt sales tax reports.

Deleting the previous payments not paid via Pay Sales Tax function and recording qkickbooks the right way will ddsktop the problem. You can run the Account Quick Report and filter Checks to get rid of them more easily. Pay sales tax.

Please keep /25058.txt touch with me here should you need any further assistance with recording sales tax payments. The Community always has your back.

Its very possible that the reason they didn’t use the QB ‘filing’ is because they knew or feared it was wrong. That could quickbools been due to the sales tax system setup being wrong, or not updating quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing – quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing and rates when they changed, or just plain not recording the taxes right in vendor and customer records.

You need to do some review and try to get a sense of how wide and deep the issues are before you can really decide how to proceed. If it was strictly a matter of bringing the prior payments into the sales tax records that will be doable. I am hoping that the payment cheques were coded to a sales tax liability account. But if pricinh find a real нажмите сюда nest under the hood then your going to have a hard call between doing whats right and whats possible Our sales tax was paid the same way by check, then entered in QB from a spreadsheet rather than from the invoices.

On top of that, their are random invoices created over years, that were never marked paid, the sales tax is showing on my sales tax balance sheet. I guess des,top delete these invoices, because it will mess up balances from these previous years. I also have the same kind of thing happening on my vendors, random bills enters, most till left unpaid.

Our accountant reviews our quickbooks twice a year I guess, and has just left it all there year after year. I would like to start using quickbooks correctly, so I don’t need a million spreadsheets that basically do what we pay quickbooks for. I appreciate you for dropping by here in the Community. I’m here to help provide information about recording transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

I agree with you about making changes to transactions from the prior year will lead to mess up balances. There are other users who use the Journal Entry feature and a clearing account to get rid of the unpaid balances. However, it would be best working further on this together with an accountant to ensure your books will be correct.

Aside from making corrections from past years, the only way to start fresh is to start a new company file in the QuickBooks program. To ensure it clears and show as paid moving forward, I recommend recording the payments using the correct process.

Читать больше attaching the articles I found helpful for you:. Pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop. Record a payment for an invoice.

I’m always up to answer any additional questions you may have regarding your past transactions in QuickBooks. The Community has your back. My client is not using invoices in QB as of yet- she doesn’t want to tackle customization and is providing those offline. She pays the tax twice a year, but I would like to see it tracked.

Any thoughts? If you want to record sales taxes processed outside the program, you have the option to do quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing – quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing adjustment. This way you can create a liability that you can pay inside QuickBooks. Please note that this is something you can do temporarily and we do not advise to do it on a regular basis.

To learn more about this feature, see this link: Process sales tax adjustment. For the complete steps and explanation, refer to this help article: Pay sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop.

Let me know if you need anything else with processing Sales Tax. I’ll be more than happy to share additional insights for you.

Have a good one! I 20200 in the same problem quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing – quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing since the new tax update was done. Some of the payments have not been posted and the Payable Account is showing Quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing – quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing. I just want to correct the Liability Account to match what is being paid for I want to get corrected an worry about later. Can quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing – quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing tell me how to adjust the liability accounts to balance with the current daily work quicobooks I can guide you correct the liability account to match what you paid forMP When you make sales tax adjustments, you move money into or out of your Sales Tax Liability account.

To adjust your sales tax due, here’s how:. Quickboks additional information, feel free to view this resource: Process sales tax adjustment. Once settled, you can now collect taxes for certain goods and services you offer. For detailed steps, please check out this article: Pay sales tax. Feel free to leave a comment below if you need some clarifications. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Have a blessed Friday. Using the pay sales tax option does not let you associate a class with the payment so it shows up as unclassified.

Is there a way to record it and associate a class? Multiple classes are used when assessing sales tax. I can quifkbooks the importance of assigning class when paying sales tax. However, this option is unavailable as of now. I’d recommend sending feedback to our product developers to assess your suggestion. They may consider adding this option to the future enhancements of the program. I’ve included an article that will help you how to track the components of your transactions effectively: Customize reports in 20020 Desktop.

This has been the most helpful sales tax post for adjustments I have seen in my searching. I am trying to figure out the best way to input sales tax owed from previous years from software that is not transferable to Quickbooks.

We switched to Quickbooks in and I’m having a hard time getting all the opening balances correct. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for joining this thread, Samantha You can start by setting up sales tax items in QuickBooks Desktop.

Once done, you can use the Pay Sales Tax function to pay your sales tax liabilities. For more details about this, please check out this article: Pay Sales Tax. You can quuickbooks run some sales tax reports to keep track of all your payable and the payments. Please read through this article for more insights: Review sales tax reports.

Priccing come back and fill me in if you’ve got more questions or any QuickBooks concerns. Have a great day. We had received a new program and a new terminal from our merchant company I know – heavy sigh. Quockbooks new program allowed us to pass on our fee to the customer. In the beginning we could turn it on and turn it off they would pay or we would pay. I was told that the merchant fees passed on to the customer was not taxable.

So I created a new invoice under the customer’s account just for the merchant fee and marked it as non-taxable. Now we found out it is taxable. I’ve added that amount to the sales tax on paper and paid the GRT on line. I know how to do a sales tax adjustment. My question is, if I just adjust the sales tax it won’t effect the customer account.

Is that a problem. Now the customer account shows a 0 balance but their account doesn’t show the fees they paid as taxable. If I change it to taxable it will leave an unpaid balance quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing – quickbooks desktop accountant 2020 pricing their account. We have since made microsoft teams 10 x64 change to the program and don’t have to deal with this anymore but I need to больше информации May fixed.

After the steps, add your sales tax item or tax group. The steps are included in this article: Set up sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop. Once your done collecting the sales tax and reviewing the tax reportsplease check out this link to guide you how to process the payment: Pay sales tax.

If you have additional questions regarding the process or need help with other concerns, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll /29390.txt around to help you out again. Take care and stay safe. Thank you for sharing a solution to fix paying taxes recorded via writing a check rather than via the pay sales tax function.



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