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Discord app for windows 7 – discord app for windows 7. Discord for Windows

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Discord app for windows 7 – discord app for windows 7. Discord Download For Windows 7 32 Bit


Windows operating systems from Windows 7 and later come with an inbuilt spell check feature. But does the spell check feature work for Discord on Windows 7? However, you can rely on third-party spell checkers and autocorrect applications to correct text on Discord on Windows 7. Discord spellcheck is available on Windows 8 OS and later releases.

Do you need complete info on how to run Discord spell check on Windows devices? Select Discord from the list of programs installed on your computer. You can hover your mouse pointer over Discord or single-click to select it based on your device settings. Next, click OK. Click Delete to erase all remaining files and folders from the uninstalled Discord app. Reinstall your Discord app by downloading it through your browser on www.

After completing this process, your spellchecking feature should work well on Windows devices. Note that some versions of Windows may not have the spellcheck feature on older Discord releases. You can launch the Windows Settings menu on your device by clicking Start and then Devices. You can enable autocorrect on your Windows OS computer by tweaking its registry file. But before that, clicking Enter on that pasted address will lead you to another window to activate Enable Auto-correction.

Double click on Enable Auto-correction to access the next window to change relevant hexadecimal values. The default value on the Registry Editor for EnableAutocorrection is usually 0. You need to change this value to 1 to set auto-correction on.

After clicking OK, restart your computer to effect all changes to your auto-correct settings. Grammarly is available on any app installed on your device, including Discord.

Just install the appropriate Grammarly app, enable it, and it will appear everywhere you need spellchecking help. Discord will read all your words as misspelled when you use the wrong language pack or have spellcheck enabled. Discord has a built-in auto-correct feature on many versions of its desktop apps. Users can access the autocorrect feature by right-clicking their mouse on a message box.

Note that Discord collapses the auto-correct and spellcheck features in the app. The Discord auto-correct and spellcheck feature is available on macOS and Windows 8 or later devices. Table of Contents. Related Posts.


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