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Jul 15,  · Netflix app download location. How can I change the download location for the Netflix app to an external storage device? I’m trying to download movies to my external drive and there’s no setting within the app to do so, it defaults to C. I also tried to move the app entirely to the external but there is no windows setting to do so. Open the Netflix app and tap More or your profile icon. Select App Settings. Under Downloads, select Download Location. Select where you would like to store your downloads. Note: This will change the storage location of future downloads. TV shows and movies you have already downloaded will remain where they are. Sep 28,  · Change Netflix’s default download location. Although Netflix app for Windows 10 doesn’t offer an option to change the default download location, you can use the workaround in our how to change the Netflix download location in Windows 10 guide to quickly move Netflix app and downloaded movies to a different drive. You can use this method to.

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Netflix download location


When it comes to streaming, Netflix is one of the best. Not to mention, Netflix allows you to download your favorite shows for offline viewing using the Microsoft Store app. Downloading lets you watch your favorite shows without worrying about internet stability and connectivity issues.

When you download a show or movie on Netflix in Windows, it is automatically saved to the disk in a proprietary and encrypted format.

As good as it is, the more shows you download, the more disk space it consumes. This is especially true when you download shows in high quality or 4k resolution.

Though the Netflix app is good at showing how much disk space all the downloaded shows are using in your system. It will not tell you the actual Netflix download location. Knowing the Netflix download location is helpful to see all the folders and downloaded content. So, if you ever want, follow the below steps to find the Netflix download location and where it saves all the downloaded offline video content.

Being a Microsoft store application, like any other store app, Netflix stores everything it downloads inside a particular folder within the Windows System drive.

That is, inside your C drive. Steps with a bit more detail:. You can also click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar or Start menu. In the right-pane, scroll down and click on Netflix. Click on the Move button and select the Drive where you would like to save the Netflix app and Netflix downloads.

Windows 10 will automatically create a New Folder WindowsApps at the root of the selected drive and move both Netflix App and all the downloaded videos to this Folder. If the Move button is greyed out, you can follow the steps below to change download location for Netflix Movies and TV shows to External drive. On the next screen, click on Storage in the left pane. From the drop-down, select the Drive where you want to download Netflix Movies and click on the Apply button. Change Netflix Download Location In Windows 10 By default, Netflix saves all the downloaded movies and videos to the same drive where the Netflix App is installed on your computer.


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